You're My Lobster (Kids)

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R 199.00 


Introducing our endearing and heartfelt "You're My Lobster" T-shirt – a symbol of love and friendship that captures the essence of a timeless bond! 🦞❤️

Crafted from soft and comfortable fabric, this T-shirt combines warmth and sentimentality in a truly special way. The design features a charming illustration of a lobster, known for its enduring loyalty and companionship, alongside the sweet message "You're My Lobster." It's a perfect expression of affection for someone dear to your heart.

Whether you're celebrating a romantic relationship, a close friendship, or simply want to remind someone of the special connection you share, this T-shirt serves as a touching reminder of your feelings. The lobster motif is a unique twist on the classic "lobster theory," making it a heartwarming and stylish addition to your wardrobe.

Available in a range of sizes, our T-shirt ensures a comfortable and flattering unisex fit. Wear it with jeans, skirts, or your favorite casual attire to carry the sentiment wherever you go.

Looking for a thoughtful and sentimental gift? Our "You're My Lobster" T-shirt is a wonderful choice to convey your emotions in a charming and memorable way.

Celebrate the bonds that matter most with this meaningful T-shirt. Order now and let your affection shine through with every wear, making your loved one feel as cherished as a true "lobster" should! ❤️

Care Instructions:

100% cotton material
-cold water wash(quick/gentle cycle)
-do not iron on print
-do not tumble dry
-line dry out of the sun
-do not use bleach

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