Sound Mind (Kids)

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R 199.00 


Embrace the harmonious balance of body, mind, and spirit with our inspiring t-shirt, boldly proclaiming: "Sound Mind in a Sound Body, Rooted in Spirit." This isn't just a t-shirt; it's a wearable reminder of the holistic well-being that comes from nurturing every aspect of your being.

Meticulously designed, this t-shirt effortlessly combines style and substance. The words "Sound Mind in a Sound Body" underline the importance of mental and physical wellness, encouraging you to cultivate a strong foundation of health that allows you to thrive in every endeavor.

"Rooted in Spirit" signifies the connection to your inner essence, reminding you to cultivate your spiritual well-being and stay aligned with your true self. It's an invitation to embrace introspection and seek balance not only in the tangible world but also within.

Crafted from cotton material, this t-shirt ensures both comfort and durability, making it a valuable addition to your wardrobe. Wear it as a constant affirmation of your commitment to holistic well-being, whether you're engaging in physical activities, practicing mindfulness, or simply seeking to express your dedication to a balanced life through fashion.

Elevate your attire and celebrate the harmony of body, mind, and spirit with our "Sound Mind in a Sound Body, Rooted in Spirit" t-shirt. Let your clothing reflect your dedication to holistic wellness – seize the opportunity to make a meaningful statement and carry the reminder of your well-rounded journey with you wherever you go.

Care Instructions:

100% cotton material
-cold water wash(quick/gentle cycle)
-do not iron on print
-do not tumble dry
-line dry out of the sun
-do not use bleach

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