Moon Spirit (Kids)

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R 199.00 


Elevate your style and connect with the cosmos through our enchanting t-shirt, adorned with the mesmerizing words: "Moon Spirit, Dancing with Bright Stars." This isn't just a t-shirt; it's a wearable ode to the celestial wonders that captivate our imagination.

Thoughtfully crafted, this t-shirt seamlessly blends comfort and mystique. The words "Moon Spirit" evoke a sense of ethereal connection, reminding you of the moon's soothing presence and its ability to inspire reflection and introspection.

"Dancing with Bright Stars" embodies the magic of the night sky, symbolizing the way we navigate life's journey amid the brilliance of our dreams and aspirations. It's an invitation to shine brightly, just like the stars above.

Created from cotton material, this t-shirt offers a comfortable fit that complements its celestial theme. Wear it to channel your inner moon spirit and embrace the luminescence of your aspirations, whether you're stargazing, embarking on new adventures, or simply seeking to add a touch of cosmic elegance to your style.

Elevate your attire and connect with the universe through our "Moon Spirit, Dancing with Bright Stars" t-shirt. Let your clothing reflect your admiration for the celestial world – seize the opportunity to make a cosmic statement and carry the magic of the night sky with you wherever you go.

Care Instructions:

100% cotton material
-cold water wash(quick/gentle cycle)
-do not iron on print
-do not tumble dry
-line dry out of the sun
-do not use bleach

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