GRL Power (baby onesies)

OTC Printing

R 175.00 


Introducing our adorable "GRL Power" Fist Graphic Baby Onesie – a tiny yet impactful statement piece that celebrates strength, unity, and the boundless potential of your little one.

Crafted with the utmost care and attention, this baby onesie ensures your baby's comfort with its soft and gentle materials. Designed for ease of wear and movement, it provides the perfect fit for your baby's delicate skin, whether they're playing, sleeping, or exploring the world around them.

The heartwarming "GRL Power" fist graphic displayed proudly on the front of the onesie captures the spirit of empowerment in a playful and memorable way. It's a visual representation of the strength that lies within every girl, from the very start of her journey.

Whether it's a family outing, a special event, or just another day of growth and discovery, the "GRL Power" Fist Graphic Baby Onesie sends a powerful message of unity and resilience. Let your baby girl wear her values and aspirations with pride, inspiring those around her to embrace a world where strength and equality know no boundaries.

Empower your baby girl with a piece of clothing that speaks volumes and stands for something meaningful.

Choose unity. Choose strength. Choose "GRL Power".

- 100% cotton material
- wash in cold water inside out(quick/gentle cycle)
- do not iron on print
- do not use bleach

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