"Feeling Berry Good" - Ladies T-Shirt (Fugg)

Paula Walker

R 250.00 


The "Feeling Berry Good" ladies shirt is a stylish and delightful garment that exudes positivity and vibrancy. This shirt is crafted with a soft fabric, providing both comfort and versatility. Adorned with a playful and colorful berry motif, it adds a touch of whimsy and cheer to any outfit. The phrase "Feeling Berry Good" serves as a gentle reminder to embrace joy and happiness in everyday life. With its blend of contemporary style and uplifting message, this shirt is perfect for those seeking a fashionable and positive addition to their wardrobe.

Care Instructions


·         Machine wash with similar colours using cold water.

·         Avoid ironing directly on the print.

·         Iron the t-shirt inside out or place a cloth as a protective barrier.

·         Avoid tumble drying.

·         Hang the shirt to dry in a shaded area.

·         Do not bleach.

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