Save Water! 7 Steps to Eco-Friendly T-shirt Care

Living in a water scarce environment here in South Africa we need to think twice about how we consume water and save it. It is very scary to think of life without access to clean water especially for drinking! 

As a t-shirt printing business we urge our clients to care for their garments and wash them with these 7 simple steps:

1. Turn inside out to protect the eco-friendly water based ink

2. Set the washer on cold water 

3. Wash your OTC Shop t-shirts and other garments on the quick wash cycle (30 min)

4. Use eco-friendly liquid detergent that is compatible with a cold water wash

5. Hang dry your t-shirts outside out of direct sunlight (remember the sun can bleach your cotton garments)

6. Do not iron on the printed/decorated area of your OTC t-shirts

7. Wear your clothes proudly knowing you have saved water and the longevity of your garments

Many washing machines are now able to wash clothing with minimal water usage which can be more effective getting clothing clean and saving water than a hand wash.

How do you wash your garments? 


 Save water South Africa tees and tote bags available for purchase to spread the eco-conscious word. 

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